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Our flagpoles are manufactured in Sweden and made to last for generations. All fastening details are made from hot-dip galvanized steel for maximum durability, and the halyards are made to withstand harsh weather conditions like the Canadian winter.

A flagpole of highest quality

The strength and quality of our fiberglass flagpoles is guaranteed through a collaboration with RISE, the Swedish Research Institute who performs solidity tests. The manufacturing is overseen by a well developed quality- and environmental management system. Also, Formenta is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We are proud to say we can guarantee a flagpole of highest quality!

Accessories for your flagpole

Our assortment of flagpole accessories is second to none. In addition to regular accessories and spare parts, we offer several smart solutions like portable bases, wall brackets, flagpole wash, flagpole lighting and devices for flag exposure like Windtracker and Roto-Top. Our flagpole accessories are also characterised by quality and precision to last for many years.

Flags and pennats

We offer a huge selection of flags and banners of all types through our sister company The Original Flagstore, also located in Barrie, Ontario.

What about flagpole height?

There are no rules on how long a flagpole should be, it is a matter of taste like anything else. However, the traditional recommendation is that one third of the flagpole, or 10–13 ft, should rise above related building. Take potential level difference between building and flagpole placement in consideration for best result.

How is a flagpole installed?

Formenta flagpoles are easily installed thanks to our hot-dip galvanized tilting hinge base. For detailed instructions, see our section on how to install a flagpole.

Warranty and care

All our fiberglass flagpoles and the hot-dip galvanized flagpole base comes with a 10-year-warranty. A successful claim results in a new flagpole. Keep your flagpole clean and fresh by tilting and cleaning it with hot water and soft soap. Boat wax can be used for extra lustre. See our section abour flagpole warranty and care for more information.

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