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Since one of our goals is to be industry leading in terms of environment and quality, sustainability is key. For us it’s about taking responsibility for what we produce and the impact we have on our surroundings. This is why we set annual targets to constantly improve our techniques and production methods.

How we have improved our climate impact

We have decided to always be at the forefront in environmental performance. Our strive for sustainability expresses itself in everything from what energy we use to heat our factories to production methods and the materials we choose for our components. We have lowered our emission of organic solvents during the recent years, and we continue to work on minimising pollutant emissions. It’s a determined investment through modern technology, improved production processes and better raw materials.

Quality and durability

Durability is of high importance when producing products for daily use. Our products are exposed to extreme weather conditions and seasonal challenges. Therefore, each detail in our products is carefully chosen to last for years.

Formenta holds the ISO 9001 certification for quality since 1999 and the environmental ISO 14001 certification since 2002. This means that we work accordingly with a pre-determined quality and environmental management system. It helps us achieving consistency in our production and routines, ensuring quality in everything we do both today and tomorrow.

External auditors are invited on an annual basis to ensure our processes are properly followed. Also, the production of Formenta Lighting Columns is annually reviewed by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) in accordance with the EU standard EN40-7:2002 regarding composite lighting columns.

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